It’s about helping people get to there goal, that’s why we do it.

Yes, we are a LOW budget, built on our shoes strings and dreams Truck Driving School on the Prairie 10 minutes from Denver out in Watkins Colorado. And when you say Watkins people in Denver or Aurora they look at you strange and say “Isn’t that way out there near Kansas?” Really? We moved out here, way out here (6 minutes from Aurora, 10 minutes from Denver, 30 seconds from I-70) to help people. Keep our costs down, find some property that was affordable, had lot’s of TRAINING room, streets that weren’t congested and actual space where customers could learn how to shift a 10 speed and get out of 2nd gear with out worrying about stopping before a fence or congestion.

Tuition is affordable, smart scheduling. Actually the customer make’s and takes control of there own schedule. Log’s in and books a truck and an Instructor. How cool is that. We also have Bi-Lingual Instructors, Spanish-English, Amharic-English and even Texas-English.

Come check us out, You’ll dig us.

5 Simple Tips to Optimize Drive Retention-From Track Your Truck

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