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6 Benefits of Being a Truck Driver

Truck driving might not be on the typical “hot jobs” list the media touts on a regular basis, but make no mistake about it: the job is one of the most stable and flexible jobs you could ever have. As of 2018, on average in the U.S. truck drivers earned between $40,000-$73,000. If you’re fresh out of CDL school, you’re right on time to hop into this in-demand field.

Here are some of the benefits of this often-overlooked career option:

Get Ready to Travel

One of the main perks of being a truck driver is the ability to get paid to travel. Similar to a flight attendant going country to country, when truck drivers cross state lines they have the opportunity to oftentimes experience scenic routes most cross-country travelers could only dream of. Long road trips also involve experiencing different communities and cultures.

Make Good Pay

As demand for good truck drivers is huge in the market, drivers are paid generous remuneration by different truck companies. The pay for truck drivers is generally competitive. Typically, too, the more experience, the more pay. Long-haul drivers get excellent pay, as the national average figure above shows.


Unlike many jobs, truck drivers are also known to receive bonuses. These bonuses are sometimes offered as sign-on bonuses, or to drivers who relocate. Depending on the company, bonuses are also often offered to drivers who maintain great safety records.


Outside the great pay and bonuses, there are many trucking agencies which offer great benefits. These benefits usually include medical, vision, dental, life insurance, prescription drugs, and competitive retirement plans. There’s also perks such as paid time-off for holidays and vacations.

Flexible Shifts

Truck drivers generally have flexible shifts. Many truck companies offer their drivers the opportunity to decide which type of hauls they want. Drivers usually have the freedom to decide on which type of run they want such as cross-region run or local runs or long-distance runs.

Job Security

Truck driving is in-demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the truck driving industry is expected to grow 6 percent from 2016 to 2026. This is a steady average career growth, which means job stability in this particular field.

Aspiring truck drivers are simply required to get training through an accredited CDL school, and they’re on their way.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a high-paying, flexible job with great benefits that’ll lead you into a comfortable retirement, truck driving is an excellent career option.  


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