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CDL Training: Defensive Driving

Are your driver’s really the best drivers on our roads? Most truckers would agree that’s true…until their first accident. Mastery of the road requires a solid foundation in Defensive Driving. The ability to anticipate and prepare for dangerous situations in advance translates to fewer accidents and increased revenue. The Commercial Vehicle Training Center offers an […]

The Impact of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma on Truck Driving

The devastation of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma was great: communities and properties were destroyed, families were displaced, and lives were lost. The damage from these and other recent natural disasters will take some time to restore. The impacts of these devastating storms affect the trucking industry in many ways, some obvious and others not so […]

“I wanna quit!”

Yes it’s easy to say, not so easy to do sometime’s. Especially if it’s not in your drive, your culture, your future. I’ve heard it a few time’s in this business’ the CDL training business. It’s sad, but I get it. Big truck, hard to shift, hard to back and term’s you have never ever […]

Security and Safety in the Trucking Industry

Driving a truck carries a bit more responsibility than driving a car. Cars are easier to control and handle and while cars and trucks can be dangerous, trucks can cause significantly more damage. Accidents involving trucks generally are more severe and serious than those involving cars. Trucks have a higher chance of going out of […]

Navigating the New Electronic Logbooks

Starting in October, the way you log your time will look and feel completely different. The days of manually writing down your time are coming to an end. Last October, a major hurdle in the way of making electronic logging devices (ELDs) mandated on all commercial transportation trucks in the U.S. was cleared. While the […]

Turn Signals, Is it just a Fad?

You’ve seen it, maybe even done it. Not use your turn signal, you know that little lever on the side of your steering wheel that goes up or down. The one that makes that God-awful noise when you do happen to push it up or down when you’re making a turn. And the annoying little […]

Inspeccion Pre-Viaje Guia De Estudio

AAC– Abrasiones, Abolladuras, Cortes (plastico, goma)  | DRA Doblado, Roto, Agrietado (metal)  | Sin Fugas (Aire, liquido) Use guantes y toque cada parte que inspeccione. Inspeccione desde arriba hacia abajo y hacia el centro) Hay 5 áreas para inspeccionar durante la parte de pre-viaje de la prueba de destrezas de CDL: Compartimiento del motor Lado […]