Defensive Driving

CDL Training: Defensive Driving

Are your driver’s really the best drivers on our roads? Most truckers would agree that’s true…until their first accident.

Mastery of the road requires a solid foundation in Defensive Driving. The ability to anticipate and prepare for dangerous situations in advance translates to fewer accidents and increased revenue. The Commercial Vehicle Training Center offers an intensive Defensive Driving Course that exceeds the basic mechanics of driving, giving your drivers the edge they need to assess threats, adverse conditions, and emergencies.

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Bus and Limo Driver’s

Bus Drivers must have a Commercial Driver License if they operate a vehicle designed to seat 16 or more persons, including the driver. The Commercial Vehicle Training Center trains Entry Level Bus Drivers and we offer specific training for your existing professional drivers.

As a licensed 3rd party testing facility for Colorado, CVTC can administer the Commercial Driver License Test for bus drivers and Limo driver’s..

Corporate Courses


The Commercial vehicle Training Center provides safety courses to evaluate your driver’s abilities in every situation. We offer a proactive approach geared to boost your CSA  scores, and retrain drivers who have a repeated history of safety related problems and offenses.

Our safety training and evaluations cover a variety of topics, which can be purchased in segments depending on the specific needs of your drivers and company. CVTC offers group training and evaluations for several employees or one on one training for individuals seeking a safety skills evaluation. Making safety training as convenient as possible, we can schedule our instructional staff to come on site to your place of business or your employees are welcome to come to CVTC’s campus and receive their training.

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