Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Public CDL Testing?

Yes, CDL Testing is offered 6 days a week. Quite a few trucking companies send there employee’s over here for CDL Testing. The cool thing about CDL Testing in Watkins is we are 10 minutes from Denver, so no long waiting for CDL Testing.

2017 State of Colorado CDL Testing Rules

The following testing rules from the State of Colorado when administering the CDL Skills Test. These rules apply to all testing facilities in Colorado.

  1. You need to bring your Driver License, CDL Permit and Medical Card. You must have all 3 when you test.
  2. Your CDL Permit does not replace your Driver License, no matter what they tell you at DMV.
  3. If DMV punches a hole in your Driver License, your license is VOID.(It’s Not your fault)
  4. You must hold your permit for 14 days before a CDL Skills Test can be scheduled.
  5. We must schedule all tests 3 days in advance. This includes retests and rescheduling.
  6. The State of Colorado gives us a 15 minute window to start the test. That includes filling out all of your paperwork and collecting your vehicle information. Make every effort to arrive for your test 15 minutes before your appointment.​

Why would I pay for training when companies offer it free?

Nothing in life is free, and that is certainly true when it comes to CDL training. Many truck driving schools will offer you “free CDL training,” “company sponsored,” or “paid CDL training”.
What they do not tell you is that after your free CDL training period is done, you will be committed to work for that company for a set period of time, usually 12-24 months. Worse yet, while under contract you will:
  • Make less money
  • Spend less time at home
  • Be forced to drive with a teammate you don’t know for several weeks
The “free CDL training,” in turn, turns out to be anything but free, and in fact is the most expensive way to get CDL training.

How often do your training classes start?

Start your CDL Training when you want and train when you want. We know that quitting youre job or taking vacation for CDL Training is CRAZY! You don’t have to do that at the Commercial Vehicle Training Center.

Do I need to come every day?

At our CDL training school a student makes his or her schedule depending on the situation. A cdl student training with us can come 1 day a week, 3 days a week, or
6 days a week, whatever is convenient. Like we said before, CDL Training on your time. CDL Training is not easy, so the more you come in for CDL Class the faster you learn.

What is the student to cdl instructor ratio?

Most CDL Training schools pile 4 students in a sleeper tractor trailer and take off for a few hours. The problem is, this is a waste of time for the 3 students not driving. We at Commercial Vehicle Training Center offers ONE-ON-ONE INSTRUCTION for our driving
Instruction. Our CDL Instructors have been in the business a long time, they are very patient. We want you to be happy and learn as much as you can about being a safe CDL Driver.

Do I have to come for classroom courses at the school?

At our CDL training center the classes can be completed online with personnel help if needed.

Do you have financing?

CDL Training shouldnt cost you an arm and a leg. That’s why we have kept the costs low.
Talk to us, we will work with you.

Do you help with job placement?

Commercial Vehicle Training Center works with many comapnaies that need drivers now and we will make every effort we can to help you with that.