Get Qualified to Drive a Truck With A Quality CDL School

Are you considering whether a truck driving career is for you? Truck drivers have the potential to earn great wages and benefits, travel across the U.S. and have flexible schedules.

Truck driving isn’t for everyone, but it is a fun and rewarding career for those who love to drive on the open road and make a solid, prosperous living for their families.

If being a truck driver is a career you want to pursue, the kind, helpful instructors and staff at Commercial Vehicle Training Center would be more than happy to help you quickly get started on your exciting career.

There are numerous driving schools out there. Some programs are better than others.

When looking at a commercial driver training school, cost should not be the only, or main determinant.

What kinds of things should you look for in a quality commercial vehicle licensing training school?

Quality of the Instructors

If you’re going to school to learn a valuable skill, wouldn’t you want instructors who have experience in what you’re learning? You’re not paying money to be taught by anyone right off the street.

At Commercial Vehicle Training Center, our six instructors have many years of truck driving experience. Our instructors offer students invaluable expertise and insight that will get their truck driving career off to a quick start.

Flexibility of Schedule

Some commercial vehicle licensing schools only provide full-time in-person classroom training. They expect students to quit their current jobs to dedicate their time to the school. Students fall for these programs because they think that the more time that is required, the quicker they will get through the program.

While there are some students who can dedicate large blocks of time and can take in information quickly, there are some students who need to provide an income for themselves and families while going to truck driving school.

If you’re not able to dedicate full-time work to your schooling or you’re only able to study at night and on weekends, a hybrid learning model that incorporates online courses with in-person, behind-the-wheel experience is for you.

With Commercial Vehicle Training Center, our courses are online and we have no deadlines for course completion. This means you can go through the licensing course on your schedule and at the speed that is convenient for you.

We also have open enrollment year-round so students can begin our truck driving licensing course at any time.

Student-to-Instructor Ratio

Hands-on experience is a part of every commercial driving school. Some schools, however, have a large student-to-teacher ratio. While some students learn well in a group setting, most students get a better-quality learning experience with one-on-one instruction.

Available Resources

Does the school have a downloadable training manual on their website you can use to study? Written exam practice tests or practice driving test maneuvers? Access to DMV forms and licensing information? Does the school have a lab where students can get additional help and talk to instructors?

Knowing that there is additional help and resources available helps students do better in their studies and enables them to successfully get through the course faster.

Ease of Course

When looking at truck driving schools, look at the requirements needed to get into the program, the requirements to get through the course and process of progressing to taking the licensing exam to getting their license.

A school that puts you through a lot of hoops is likely not the best school. Look instead for a school that abides by the state and federal commercial vehicle regulations and requirements. A good driving school will require the same things as what the government requirements. High-quality truck driving schools follow the basic, simple formula of taking the course, getting hands-on behind-the-wheel practice, taking the written licensing exam and filing for a commercial driver’s license at the local DMV.

Any school that has additional steps should be avoided.

Commercial Vehicle Training Center is a qualified truck driving school that has helped many students start their careers. If a career in trucking is your dream, contact us today for more information about enrolling in our commercial vehicle licensing course.

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