Should you consider a trucking school before entering the trucking industry?

If you are considering entering into the trucking industry it’s extremely important that you can be effective from day one on the job. Applying to a company or even trying to start your own trucking business without the applicable licenses can be a real struggle. By making sure that you have the appropriate licenses as well as some experience behind the wheel you can be better prepared for the job as well is better prepared to take on more high-paying jobs from the beginning.

CDL sponsored training programs can be put on by a company you may already work for and there are also private truck driving schools available that also offer CDL licenses. The advantage of going into one of these programs yourself is that you can learn on your own terms. Many CDL programs allow you to sit in on classroom sessions at scheduled times which can be very convenient if you’re already working a full-time job. In most cases the curriculum for certified CDL drivers involves everything from road safety, to regulations on the industry and some basic functions of the truck. Either one of these training programs will eventually provide you with the support that you need to obtain your CDL license so that you can drive commercially as well as operate heavy trucks and equipment. There are several different classes of licenses such as the CDL class A and the CDL class B your bus certificate. Depending on the type of transportation that you want to drive, it’s important to consider picking out the right program.

In many cases a company-sponsored CDL program can be less expensive to take on than a private driving school. Private truck driving schools however are a great option for individuals that have no previous experience writing a truck and that may be interested in taking initiative to get into the industry. Trying to get into a company and then immediately have them pay for certification can be a little more difficult and you may end up working in maintenance or another aspect of the company for up to a year or more before they are willing to pay for some type of CDL training course.

What is included with most CDL programs:

For many types of commercial truck driver programs there aren’t number of in class training programs as well as refreshers that can be extremely helpful for getting the CDL class licenses. A number of CDL programs such as the CVTC program offers three main types of program assistance. The first version is an entry-level version of the commercial truck driver program.

The Commercial Truck driver CDL A from CVTC is a 170 hour program that can include flexible hours of online labs and courses with over 115 course hours of quizzes and reading. 22 hours of instructor pretrip inspections and class study and 33 hours spent behind the wheel for plenty of experience in getting the license. This is one of the programs that is designed to provide all of the basic skills and knowledge for a person to successfully passed their CDL exam. With all of the skills and knowledge available in this program is possible for a person to successfully operate tractor trailer. This is a program is designed for beginners that are interested in starting a driver orientation with a specific carrier.

Commercial driver local CDL A: this type of courses designed as a 40 hour course with 14.4 hours of online labs and courses, 7.6 hours of instructor pretrip inspections as well as 18 hours spent behind the wheel. This program is more specifically designed for helping people past the CDL skills test and recertify as a CDL driver. This program is mostly designed for individuals that could use a refresher course in the newest demands for carriers and the newest regulations in the industry. If a person has been out of the industry for several years, this could be the solution that is helpful for transitioning back into being a commercial driver.

Class B or bus certificate course: the bus certificate course or class B course is a great way to learn the basics of operating larger vehicles like buses or class B trucks. This training certificate will help a person to receive their class B license as well as the skills that they may need to drive smaller size trucks. This is a certificate course they can be extremely helpful for working with small carriers or delivery companies as well as with bus lines.

Each one of these programs can be well suited to individuals that are trying to fast-track the skills that they need to get into the job market or receive their licenses to work with major carriers across the United States. With flexible class times as well as reasonable payment options with a deposit and financing system, it’s generally possible to get into these programs with the help of an employer or with a small amount of money upfront paying off the program after a person is hired. Even if you’ve never driven a truck before, the introductory programs can be extremely beneficial at helping someone feel confident behind the wheel and ready to take on the license requirements in the commercial trucking industry.

The main advantages of going in for CDL training:

Competitive wages in the industry: now is definitely the time to consider this type of training. With training programs that can cost under $4000 for beginners this is considerably cheaper than almost any semester at a college or university program and it can be fast-track your taken at your own leisure through flexible scheduling. Starting pay in the industry is currently offered at around $45,000 at many top trucking companies for drivers in their first year. Earning a commercial drivers license can be done in 1-2 months depending on how fast you can get through the material and this could put you on the fast track to an extremely rewarding career with a competitive salary upfront.

Job security: even with autonomous vehicles entering into the transit industry the outlook for truck drivers is still extremely strong. There is always a need for the possibility of sponsored CDL training drivers from major carriers across America and truck drivers with both commercial licenses as well as class B licenses are required for distributing any number of goods across the United States as well as North and South America. There are over 48,000 truck drivers in the United States and the demand continues to rise as the economy continues to recover. The investment in CDL training will be useful as there are job opportunities available now and drivers who have previous training are in demand within the industry.

Extremely flexible scheduling: entering into this industry offers a very flexible schedule and you can often choose whether you would like to drive locally, long-distance or the types of runs that you would prefer to make. Choosing your carrier and comparing different types of shipping jobs or even going into business for yourself can be extremely liberating.

Training programs can speed up your training time with your carrier: even after you receive a CDL training license a trucking company may require you to have several weeks of on the road training before you can work solo. With the help of a training program you can often make it through the probation period with a trucking company much faster as well as start receiving more job offers.

Improved confidence behind the wheel: most drivers say that they feel much more confident around a truck after taking these programs especially so when they are taking their license requirements. It’s important to be confident when operating a large vehicle as a tractor-trailer with a full load can be extremely dangerous in the hands of someone that cannot operate safely. CDL training can help you to react in the event of an emergency early on in your career as well as better prepare you for taking on licensing and job interviews with confidence.

The possibility of sponsored CDL training: in some rare cases you may be able to upgrade your license or work with a company that’s willing to offer you paid CDL training. If you been working with a transportation provider or a company that is expanding into shipping, you may be able to find sponsored CDL training so that you will not have to pay the upfront tuition costs of the program. This is an ideal situation to get into as you know that you will have a guaranteed job afterwards as well as a certification that you could take on into other aspects of your career. Most companies that are interested in getting someone certified to drive a larger vehicle, will invest in CDL training as it can help to offer peace of mind in the event of an emergency and produce a driver that is much more efficient and effective.

Consider some of these top benefits and remember that if you need certified CDL training in Colorado contact Commercial Vehicle Training Center today.

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