What Our Customers Are Saying

“I received excellent training and service from Steve and Belay that enabled me to get an awesome job immediately after I passed with my Class A. The personal attention to my training and friendly environment made it easy to learn and get myself into a great career. With the abundant experience and attention to detail I received during my training I left feeling confident in my driving ability and ready to get my start in the ever growing transportation industry. I highly recommend training with these group of professionals and have, and will continue, to refer my friends and acquaintances to this awesome training facility.”

Sam E, Former Marine

“These guys will teach you anything you need to know and more!   Awesome experience!”​

Ben T, Budweiser

“Love these guys! All pros and great people to be around. Honest company that has your best interest at heart.”​

Gary J.

“Awesome school! I recommend this place. All the staff is great, huge help!”​

Victor C.

“They pay attention and really good service.”​

Uriel V

“Thank you to John for the training and every body from the office Thank you.”​

Elias L.

As a recent graduate of CVTC, I am proud to say that they helped me to achieve in getting my CDL License! Not just training, but teaching on a one in one basis. If you would like a more personal experience and downright friendly people, I would tell you CVTC is the place to be! Can’t beat their prices and sure as heck can’t beat the flexibilty they give you during your learning process.

Jennifer Andrzejewski - June 2017
I would highly recommend going here if you are looking to get your CDL. The instructors are kind and very patient with you and they understand not everyone is on the same level when you start. If you have driving experience or none at all they have options for everyone and every skill level! You’ll definitely be happy investing your time and money with this school!
Sam Beeson -Jun 5, 2017

Great school, All instructors, Belay and Luna do a really great job. Made me feel very confident. Nice trucks and no standing around waiting. Thank you!

Shukri Mohamed May 2017

My wife just graduated from CVTC. They taught her skills that I was not fully able to show her! The convenience of being able to go on her schedule and also complete courses online was perfect. The price as well you cannot beat. I highly recommend this up and coming new school!

Adam Andrzejewski June 2017

I walked in to this school last week not knowing a thing about driving a manual transmission or a semi trailer, taking that into notice i must say they have excellent instructors especially Mr.Luna who i thank the most for the training and knowledge i received. I walk out today with the skills and knowledge to properly drive and inspect a semi! A great school over all i would recommend it to everyone looking for a future behind the wheel!

Alfredo Cadena 9/17

These guys and lady are good dudes’ they helped my all along the way. Alway very patient and kind. I like that I could schedule myself and not fight over trucks and time. I would recommend this school and its only a few minutes from Denver, not real far at all

Wilber Sanchez 6/2017

I had great experience at this school.People that work there were very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this school to anyone.

Zelijko Bjelanovic 8/2017

I want to “THANK” Steve and his trainers at the Commercial Vehicle Training Center (CVTC) in Watkins, CO for the outstanding job they did in preparing me in achieving my goal of getting a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)!

Steve and his crew of professionals was always there to teach, coach, mentor, and demonstrate all skills and knowledge need to be a safe and professional drive in all setting and environments. Their abilities to take the hardest skills like backing, pre-trip inspection, and driving and break them down into understandable, learnable, and hands-on tasks guarantee student’s success and passing of all requirements. You just need to listen and execute.

From start to finish they are professionals that are there to training you! They make you comfortable in their relax training environment which greatly aid each individual to learn, ask questions, and master the required materials.

Also, have to mention their equipment. They have good operational equipment that you will you to train on and test on which is great. They believe in training to standard not time like many other CDL training programs. I’ve seen other training programs where they equipment is old, un-service, broken, and you don’t train on the equipment or setting you will be tested on.

I highly recommend Steve and his crew at the Commercial Vehicle Training Center (CVTC) in Watkins, CO if you want to acquire your CDL and learn in a great training and teaching environment that will set you up for success.

L.A. 8/2017 -Google Review