Truck Driver: Safer to Back Up

Truck Driving: The Reasons Why It’s Safer to Back into Parking Spaces

When you’re thinking about parking your car, it is normal to think about whether you should pull your car into the parking spot or back into the parking spot. However, it’s something that you should pay attention to all the time. On average, 1 in 7 accidents takes place in parking lots. Therefore, it is important to focus on reducing incidents of accidents in parking lots. That’s because the manner in which your employees park when they get to work affects their safety behavior for the entire workday.

It will also impact on how they respond to emergencies and go about their day in general. So, without further ado, let’s check out the reasons why it’s safe to back into parking spaces:

Account for Human Factors

When drivers are reversing their car, their field of vision is smaller which means they are likely to make more mistakes. Therefore, you should be at your sharpest when you put your car into reverse, irrespective of whether you are backing out of or going into a parking space. When you’re leaving work, you are more likely to be under the influence of several human factors like the urge to rush home, frustration, and fatigue.

When you encourage your employees to back into parking spaces when they come to work, it will reduce the number of people that are reversing their cars when they’re frustrated, tired, and not paying attention.

Get Them Thinking About Safety

Several businesses hold safety talks with their employees at the beginning of every shift. This ensures that everyone is thinking about safety when they start their work. Backing into parking spaces can have the same effect on employees since it will get them thinking about why it’s important. They will understand that it is safer to do this and will start following each other.

It’s a contagious and visual habit. When everyone notices the way their colleagues park their cars, they will start to back in as well. This will act as a motivating factor since it will remind everyone of the safety of backing into a parking space and will help build their habit.

Being Prepared for Emergencies

You’re rushing and in a panicked state when it comes to emergencies. This is the reason why fire evacuation plans place emphasis on keeping people as orderly and calm as possible. When you need to evacuate quickly, it is faster to drive straight out from the parking spot after getting into your vehicle. You don’t want to be stuck waiting for someone to back out from their parking spot when you’re already panicking about evacuating the building.

Backing in your car also helps in dealing with other types of problems like when your car doesn’t start. It will be easier to boost the car when you’re backed into the parking space since the engine will be easier to reach. There will also be less frustration in the parking lot or the parking garage when your shift ends especially if the workers are not going to be paying attention as they are tired.

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