Turn Signals, Is it just a Fad?

You’ve seen it, maybe even done it. Not use your turn signal, you know that little lever on the side of your steering wheel that goes up or down. The one that makes that God-awful noise when you do happen to push it up or down when you’re making a turn. And the annoying little light that blinks in your dash, how much energy does that take away from your car or truck anyway? I wonder how much the car or truck manufacturers could save the consumers if they just stopped making them? Heck, most people don’t use them anyway, especially right here in Colorado. Did you know that the Society of Automotive Engineers did a study and conceded that failure to use the stupid things resulted in twice the number of accidents that are cause by distracted driving? What the?  and in all they are not used 750 BILLION times a year.

Now imagine if all tractor trailers stopped using them, just like cars and trucks. Could you imagine the carnage that would take place on the nation’s highways and roads? What’s really, sad is when I see a trucker not use his turn signals. Truckers are supposed to be professional drivers, especially after all the time and effort we spend harping on the use of them in training school. It’s the same thing that goes through my head, do we not care about anybody but ourselves? My wife and kids are on those roads, your wife, and kids, his wife and kids. And it really is a simple process. Here, lets cover it in a few simple steps. Notice that you have to make a turn soon, remember in driver’s ed the rule was 200 feet you should use your turn signals to warn other driver’s that you may be turning. Push the turn signal lever, or raise it depending on which way your turning. Make your turn after you notice it’s safe to do so. See, it’ really is a simple process. But, you’re going to have to put your CELL PHONE DOWN TO DO IT!

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