Why CDL Training at the Commercial Vehicle Training Center is different.

After working in the CDL Training industry for several years the owners at Commercial Vehicle Training Center knew that CDL Training was still in the dark ages. Most CDL Schools start every Monday or every other Monday, you must go Monday through Saturday and if you miss a few days they kick you out. That’s why Commercial Vehicle Training Center has open CDL Training enrollment, you tell us when you want to start and you tell us when you would like to train. Commercial Vehicle Training center understands that you have a life and you shouldn’t have to change your lifestyle or take vacation (that you need to relax) to go to truck driving school to get your CDL. We want you to get your CDL, because we know there are tons of jobs for CDL Drivers either Over the Road or CDL Local positions.

The other differences between the other CDL Training Schools and Commercial Vehicle Training Center is were not Old School, our CDL Instructors are courteous and respect the fact that you are learning something completely new, it’s a Big CDL Truck and can be intimidating. There is no yelling or swearing, we show compassion and care. If you need some extra CDL training you get it.

We built our CDL business around you. There is NO discrimination, we understand America is built on dreams and it’s our job to get you there no matter where you came from. We have bilingual CDL Instructors to help.

The Commercial Vehicle Training Center is minutes from Denver in Watkins. Wide open spaces and tons of room to learn all aspects of CDL driving. So, if you need a CDL Class A License or a CDL Class B License we can help. Come check out our CDL School, you will like what you see.

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