Why We Started Our Own Truck School-My Story

First let me start off by saying besides starting a newspaper route when I was 9 years old selling the Aurora Sentinel, I haven’t started nothing else besides lots of trouble. So starting a Truck School from the ground up, leads to a word that we use often, TERRICITED, a cross between terrified and excited at the same time. Lately it’s been more terrified. Let me give you a brief narrative before I move into why I/we started the Truck School…

I spent years in customer service oriented jobs, some fulfilling, some not.  One of the coolest jobs I had was teaching a program for the Colorado State Patrol, called “Alive at 25”. A course designed for 15-25-year old’s that are either court ordered because they can’t pay attention to traffic laws, or someone that wants to get their learners permit. Nonetheless, it teaches safe driving techniques, distracted driving, the outcomes of bad decision making and so on. We got to share real stories of what happens when you make bad decisions behind the wheel, and share experiences of personal outcomes of my calls as a Sheriff Deputy responding to an accident because someone made a bad decision behind the wheel. And at the completion of the classes hoping you made a difference in someone’s life.

So, from there I got an opportunity to go to work for a up and coming Truck School, I was hired on to teach Defensive Driving, they sent me to Ok,TX,ND and Utah. I knew nothing about Big Rigs or a CDL, heck I didn’t even have a CDL until about 5 months ago and to this day I only have a CDL B so I can only drive straight trucks or bus’s. (no laughing). But for 6 years I watched and learned. I ended up running the business, all the day to day. I learned what to do, what not to do. I taught our people that they weren’t students, they were customers/real people, that had feelings. The old Truck School mentality had to go, as hard as it was to do, we did it. Every day at every shift change (every 2 hours) myself and staff would personally go outside rain or snow and greet the customers, shake hands, ask how they are. Thank them for coming. We built our name. There is nothing more fulfilling than a big hug when a customer graduates.

It’s my/our time now. We get to make a difference in the trucking world, share our experience’s. The good Lord gave us this chance, everything fell into place in this little bitty town 10 minutes from Denver where everyone says Hi and waves.

Michael Euglow
Commercial Vehicle Training Center

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